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diaper dilemma.

March 12, 2010

The next in a long series of questions that I am now realizing parents have to ask themselves: cloth or disposable?

(Read here, here and here for more info.)

I have heard many people advise for and against both. I have read a few articles and looked at the variety of different options that are out there now. (These are not your mama’s diapers anymore…) and I think I am leaning towards disposable for a few weeks (the newborn sizes are just a better fit on the newborn bod than a one-size-fits-all cover) and then switch over to cloth when he’s big enough to fill it out a little. Less waste. More money. What’s not to love about that?

Here are the brands I am interested in:

Bum Genius


G diaper (these are cute, but this is one area where I am not sure I should choose fashion over function…)

Comments? Feedback? Personal experiences? Let ‘er rip.

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  1. March 12, 2010 10:59 am

    We are using the gdiapers and *really* like them…it is nice to have the option of a disposable insert which tend to absorb a little more than cloth and are great for overnight. And it has been great to flush the disposables instead of them hanging out in a diaper pail. I was very frustrated at first with gdiapers but I think baby was just not quite filling in the leg areas well leading to a lot of leaks. We ended up doing disposables for a little while he put on some weight and now have really cut down on the issues.

    He is now almost 3 months and already has grown out of the small size, so I would recommend not investing in a ton of the smaller gpants to start with. The big trick to success with the cloth I have found is to change the diaper every 2-3 hours or if you suspect they have filled it (can often go longer with disposables without leaks). We are also lucky to have a daycare that will do cloth diapers (many won’t, so you should check).

    We have also gotten lucky with the washing…drop everything into a dry pail with a washable liner, wash every other day, one cycle cold with vinegar and one cycle warm with Charlie’s soap and Bac-out…we do not prerinse in the toilet but might have to once solids are introduced.

    The gpants are very cute but can also be expensive…good news is, they also tend to retain their value (at least the ones I see on ebay are going for a decent price). With heavy usage, the velcro starts to wear out. However, given your mad sewing skills, I’m sure it would be easy to replace. I acquired a few pairs from my sister-in-law where the velcro is shot and I’m going to have them replaced with snaps (just for some variety).

    If you are seriously thinking about cloth, I would recommend actually looking and trying out several of the different options because I know people are passionate about whichever one they use. Locally we have a diaper service that lets you try out several types and then choose which one to go with…there may also be a baby store that stocks different cloth diaper systems that you can look at.

    We have reaped a lot of the benefits of cloth…baby #1 had HORRIBLE diaper rash no matter what we did (we did not use cloth at all with him) and #2 started to get diaper rash with the disposables. Once we switched to cloth we have had no issues with this. Also the obvious benefit of less waste going into the garbage…and really no issues with smell. And once we got the hang of cloth, it was really not that much work.

    Good luck! ~Jenn

  2. jen permalink
    March 15, 2010 4:22 pm

    OK so I did cloth with Guinevere for like six months til she grew out of the ones I bought (freaking spendy) however luckily she was smallish cause they fit her way longer than they were supposed too. Anyway I felt like I was constantly doing laundry and using a lot of water? And they leaked and exploded all the time so then I was scrubbing poo stains out too! So annoying. But recently I gave my unused diapers to a friend and she brought them back because she said (kindly ) that basically they suck, and that her other brand she had were awesome and didn’t leak. So ya try some out make sure you invest in lines too. They’ll save u from getting carpltunnel(sp) haha lmao. And they make attachments that go on your toilet for easy rinsing too! PS tell the man nice book shelves. And if he continues to show off I’ll make him come over and build me a closet!

  3. Robin permalink
    March 16, 2010 7:39 am

    We did disposables the first couple weeks then switched to prefolds. I have the all in ones and the pockets too but don’t us them as much. We also use disposables for on the road. Got some GDiaper hand me downs but never really tried them, seemed like too much of a bother. There is a crazy diaper lady up in Corvallis that is a great local resource.

    BTW do all that sewing now, I barely have time to do one row of knitting before I have to pause to take care of baby… not much extra time to sit down for an hour or two and work on a project.

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