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what will he be like?

February 18, 2010

Now that we know that little man exists, we have started to imagine what he will be like. Dangerous, you may say, but we like to live on the edge. Will he be tall or short? Blonde or brown hair? Blue or brown eyes? Who knows?!? (and who really cares…)

But, if I could put in my request, I would ask for Dustin’s eyesight (I have been blind as a bat since the 8th grade), but my eye color (although we think brown will win…) I would also like to request that he get my coordination (Dustin’s a bit of a fish out of water), but Dustin’s “barbie legs” and long, lean musculature.

I am sorry to say, but he will probably need braces. Neither one of us can give you straight teeth. (Note to self: start savings account accordingly…)

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