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February 18, 2010

I just learned that I can share with everyone all the cool stuff I find everyday on the web (and file it away for myself) on this blog!

On the right hand side of this blog is a list of all the Google Reader “stuff” that I like as I browse around on the net. This is awesome because now I will be able to remember all the great ideas I have from looking at others’ pages!  You don’t know how excited this makes me. (That and the fact that I finally signed up for Evernote so I can keep tracking all these ideas I don’t find through Google Reader, too.)

Since I was a wee little one,  I have ripped things out of magazines, sketchbooks, and an occasional real book (ouch!) to store away for the day I have enough free time to actually do these projects. Sometimes I go back and edit, but for the most part,  my volumes just sit on the bookshelves. I have ventured into the new millennium with this habit. This is the new way to do what I have always done– but online and with no glue or scissors. But I may still keep doing it the old fashioned way, too.  You don’t earn the reputation in kindergarden for “using too much glue” (as my teacher kindly told my parents) and loose your appreciation for it!

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