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sweet juniper

February 1, 2010

If you enjoy wonderfully written, witty humor, sweet juniper is the place to go. I could link to about 50 different posts, but I will let you sift through and find a few of my favorites. Find his post about warning new parents. And moving to Detroit. And being a lawyer. Hilarious. The quote below is his eloquent take on parenting. Dustin and I have seen this done well… and not so well. We hope to fit into that first category.

But without a routine, chaos becomes routine. Children crave routine as much as they create chaos. It is their job to be a burden, and ours to shoulder it. We owe them this: a warm bed to nestle into every night, milk in the kitchen for breakfast. Eyes even when they don’t think we’re watching. The quiet, simple peace of always knowing they are loved.

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